La Crosse Technology Weather Station

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La Crosse Technology Weather Station

By Alfonso de Garay
November 2014

Predicting Weather Stations

Predicting the weather is no longer only for professionals or dedicated weather fans surrounded by technical equipment and computers.  La Crosse Technology weather stations provide not only outdoor and indoor temperatures and humidity, but also they can actually forecast the weather! After these stations are installed, it should take three or four weeks for proper barometer calibration, and then they will be able to forecast the weather accurately, 12 hours in advance, presenting their forecasts with animated color icons.

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Anticipate, plan, and enjoy the weathe

If your social activities or working plans for certain hours or the next day depend on weather conditions, it is always best to have accurate information for the specific area where your activities will take place.
La Crosse Technology Weather Stations 
La Crosse Technology offers a wide range of weather stations that can be grouped as follows:
Wireless Thermometers, Digital Thermometers and Outdoor Window Thermometers.

National and local TV and radio networks give frequent forecasts and weather updates, which normally include large areas, even covering several states or in the best cases regions, counties, or cities. Such reports can sometimes vary significantly for specific locations, where microclimates can differ from the broader forecasts from TV, radio, or newspapers.
Wireless Weather Stations with Temperature and Humidity. Indoor Comfort Level Weather Stations that give indoor and outdoor temperatures and  humidity.
Sometimes, it can be a matter of reducing risk. If you have an important project that depends on the weather and a certain job you have to do that can only be done during certain weather conditions, you may need to prepare or postpone the job, depending on the most accurate weather forecast you have. 
Weather stations from La Crosse Technology can provide alarms for stormy weather, keeping you safe and secure. Technology makes all this possible and very easy. Weather stations now have user-friendly displays that can be customized to provide the weather information you require. 
Wireless Weather Stations with Forecast, with Tendency, a history of barometric pressure readings, and indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity.


Wireless Weather Stations having Bonus Features and an Advanced Forecast Icon, advising what weather to expect and what to wear.
Wireless Professional Weather Stations with a wide variety of     features, including:

  • A Wireless Professional Weather Center, that provides indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity as well as wind speed.
  • A Professional Weather Station, providing indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity and rain data, and accurate backyard real-time weather data, along with Forecast with Tendency.
  • A Weather Pro Center,which provides the following weather data:
Wind chill, gust and speed, and direction
Rainfall amount 
Backyard outdoor temperature, dew point, and humidity 
Indoor temperature and humidity  
Dew point 
Relative air pressure 
Forecasts with tendency for wind, rain, and barometric pressure
Weather alarms for outdoor temperature, wind gusts or direction, humidity, and pressure as well as 24-hr. rain total and a storm warning feature

Some La Crosse professional weather stations can be connected to your computer, and the Heavy Weather Pro Software provided by La Crosse Technology can be downloaded to your computer if you need or wish to keep track of historical data and/or forecasts generated by its weather station.
In addition, if you have already installed Heavy Weather Pro Software on your computer, La Crosse Technology Alerts™ Pro Software can also be installed that will allow you to remotely monitor your home and backyard weather from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
Choosing a Weather Station
Choosing a weather station among such a wide range of products from La Crosse Technology will usually be just a matter of the appearance of the weather station monitor, the price of the station, and the number of features a given model provides. In some cases, it will be necessary to consider more carefully weather station selection, depending on the physical conditions of where you want to mount the sensors, whether or not they are accessible to an energy supply or battery replacement, or the distance from the sensor to the weather station. 
Mounting Sensors and Setting Up Monitors
Each weather station comes with a defined sensor/s. La Crosse Technology offers its customers a wide range of additional or replacement sensors/transmitters. Manuals for installing the stations clearly describe how sensors should be mounted outdoors and how to set up the weather station’s monitors. Installation is not complicated. 
La Crosse Technology
La Crosse Technology offers a competitive edge for wireless weather stations, underlining four key advantages with its IT 915 MHz® Instant Transmission technology compared with its competitors:
1. Transmission: up to 330' wireless range with little interference vs. a range of up to 80' from competitors that use other transmission frequencies, which can receive interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices.  Depending on the application, not all La Crosse Station products use 915 MHz, and the wireless range is less. 
2. Battery: 24+ months life vs. 8 to 12 months of competitors.
3. Low Temperature Range: from -10 ºF to -40 ºF vs. -4 ºF to -20 ºF of competitors, which represents accuracy in a wide variety of regions.
4. Relative Humidity % Range: from 1% to 99% vs. 20% to 80% of competitors. 
These features of La Crosse provide more accurate data for consumers for a wide variety of climates.

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La Crosse Technology is a multinational company founded in 1985 and produces front-end technology consumer electronic products in the form of wireless weather stations, power monitors, radio-controlled clocks and watches, and other measuring devices.