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La Crosse Technology Home Weather Station

By Alfonso de Garay
November 2014

Table of contents:

- Weather Stations and Microclimate
- La Crosse Technology Home and Office Weather Stations
- Wireless Thermometers
- Wireless Weather Stations with Thermometers and Humidity
- Wireless Weather Stations with Forcast
- Wireless Weather Stations with Bonus Features and Advanced Forcast
- Choosing a Weather Forcast Station
- Mounting Sensors and Seting Up Monitors 

Weather Statinons and Microclimate

Weather stations are becoming commonplace today at home and at the office, with a wide range of wired and wireless weather stations currently available. People want to know about the weather and be able to forecast changing conditions in their own particular microclimate. Weather stations are also simply fun to have and enjoy.

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You can plan and prepare in advance for possible changing weather or extreme weather conditions in places where you live and work or where you holiday or vacation. Knowing this beforehand is always better than reacting on-site after damage has already been done from unexpected indoor temperatures, humidity, or changes in weather conditions that put your loved ones, your property, your business, or yourself at risk.
Continued new developments in technology have now made it possible for you to have a home weather station, providing accurate and reliable data for where you live.  For example, if you are preparing a celebration, family gathering, or an outdoor wedding, it would be good to know in advance if you can expect a storm where you live and if you need to move the celebration somewhere else, or you may just want or need to dress differently.
La Crosse Technology Home and Office Weather Stations
La Crosse Technology offers a wide range of home weather stations:
Wireless Thermometers, ranging from the (large display) Digital Thermometer for monitoring a freezer or refrigerator to the Solar-Powered Outdoor Window Thermometer.



 Wireless Weather Stations with Temperature and Humidity, ranging from the Indoor Comfort Level Weather Station with indoor temperature and humidity to the Indoor Comfort Level Weather Station that gives indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity so that you can know whether or not to open or close windows for indoor comfort.

Wireless Weather Stations with Forecast, ranging from the Wireless Weather Stationon with Forecast and Clear Frame with Forecast Weather Tendency as well as indoor and outdoor and minimum and maximum temperatures to the Wireless Weather Station with Forecast, with Tendency and barometric pressure history and indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity as well as moon phases.

 Wireless Weather Stations with Bonus Features and an Advanced Forecast Icon, ranging from the Wireless Weather Station that gives indoor and outdoor temperatures and minimum and maximum outdoor temperatures.  This weather station also features five forecast icons, suggesting what to wear depending on the outdoor temperature, to the Fisherman Weather Station with Forecast and outdoor temperatures with five fisherman forecast icons and suggesting what kind of weather to expect and what to wear, depending on temperature and air pressure readings. In addition, it provides times for sunrise and moonrise, considering a city selected by the user, and indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity.

Choosing a Weather Forecast Station
Most of the wireless weather forecast stations mentioned above provide the same or related data. Presentation of weather data may vary with different station models. The size of weather station displays should also be considered. Colored/noncolored display?  How is the weather data presented? Icons, numbers, graphics? What do you prefer? 
Selecting a weather station will also depend on the distance from where the sensor (transmitter) will be mounted to the indoor weather station (receiver) and also taking into account any obstructions (walls, metal objects, or wireless transmitters) that could interfere with the transmission signal from the transmitter, considering a straight line from the transmitter to the weather station. You can choose between weather stations that connect to a 200' range sensor or a 330' range sensor on IT+ 915 MHz® Instant Transmission, La Crosse Technology.
Mounting Sensors and Setting Up Monitors
The sensor/transmitter should be mounted outdoors and protected from exposure to the sun, preferably on the north side of the house or in a shaded place where the transmitter (which is water resistant but not waterproof) would not be damaged.
Once the sensor is mounted outdoors, your weather station can be set up and personalized. It shouldn’t be complicated, and going through the manual is simple and fun.