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La Crosse Technology Weather Center

By Alfonso de Garay
November 2014

Table of Contents:

- Getting to understand local weather and microclimate
- With La Crosse Technology´s Pro Weather Center..
- La Crosse Technology Weather Pro Center

Getting to understad local weather and microclimate

If you really want to understand how your local weather is changing and have an accurate weather forecast for tomorrow, La Crosse Technology offers a wide range of wired or wireless professional weather stations.

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La Crosse Technology weather stations provide indoor and outdoor temperatures, barometric pressure, indoor and outdoor humidity, weather forecasts, and numerous other features. In addition, La Crosse Technology Pro weather stations indicate wind chill levels and measure wind gusts, speed and direction, and rainfall.
With some models, you can connect your weather station to your computer, using a transceiver USB interface and download and install Heavy Weather Pro PC Software for interactive weather data.
With La Crosse Technology’s Pro Weather Center, its newest model, after installing the PC software, you can install La Crosse Alerts™ ­­­­­­Pro Weather Station Software, which allows you to remotely monitor your home and backyard weather from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer and receive weather alarms and storm warnings.
La Crosse Technology offers a wide range of professional weather stations, including:

The La Crosse Weather Pro Center also includes:

You can operate this weather station with or without a computer in three modes:
1.   Stand-alone weather station. Monitor your home and backyard. You just set up station and remote sensors. No computer is required.
2.   Weather station connected with your computer. You need to download and install the Heavy Weather Pro PC Software to interact with data in your computer.
3.   Weather station connected with your computer, remote monitoring of your home and backyard from such mobile devices as smartphone, tablet, or computer. After installing the Heavy Weather Pro PC Software, you may download and install the La Crosse Alerts™ Pro Weather Station (PC) Software and create an account in order to activate your remote alerts and alarm features. Internet access is required.